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Benefit Plans

Retirement Plans

At McElroy, Mitchell & Associates, LLP, we believe that a well structured retirement plan is an effective tool for attracting and retaining quality employees and for allowing business owners to build a personal retirement savings in the most efficient manner possible. Whether you are young or wish you were younger ... regardless of your compensation ... assuring a financially secure retirement is up to you. As a business owner, there are countless decisions that you make today that will have a long and lasting affect on your lifestyle in the years to come. We can help you navigate and manage all the variables associated with planning for your retirement. From plan design and implementation, to employee education, record keeping and compliance, our professional staff has the ability to give you the most cost effective solutions for you and your business. Because no one knows what the future holds, we believe that it is our role as your CPA to help you save for your retirement. Why do we feel this way? To simply put it, we care.

We provide the following retirement plan services:

  • Plan design and implementation
  • Employee education
  • Record keeping and allocations
  • ERISA testing
  • Compliance reporting
  • 5500 preparation
  • Distribution calculations and 1099-R preparation
  • Participant loan administration
  • Audits of pension plans

We know that there are numerous types of retirement plans to choose from.

Types of plans we administer:

  1. 401(k)'s (Traditional, Safeharbor)
  2. Profit Sharing Plans
  3. Money Purchase Plans
  4. Deferred Compensation Plans
  5. SEP's and Keough's
  6. Simple IRA's and 401(k)'s